Why should you use Google Sites?

Image Carousels

One of the newest features of Google Sites is the image carousel. Add captions and alt text to improve the accessibility of your website. You can set the carousel to advance manually or auto start and control the speed. 


"I have major struggles with all things tech but Cindy is always super patient and positive with me. She was able to walk me through different options for my Google Sites pages and I’m thrilled with the results!" Lynn Preble, Library Media Specialist, Portland Public Schools

"Cindy is the best.  I woke up one morning ready to start a website that I had been thinking about.  I called Cindy and bounced some ideas off her and within a day she had a great professional looking website up and running for me." Dean Dennis, Founder, STRS Ohio Watchdogs

"Google Sites can be intimidating, but Cindy helped me figure it out and held my hand until I could make changes myself. She never abandoned me and was always able to provide advice and make suggestions. If you need a website, Cindy should be your go-to source." Dale Price, Trustee, STRS Ohio

“I have been wanting to create a more professional looking website and felt intimidated by the process. Cindy patiently guided me through each step.  She offered expert advice and suggestions.  I’m delighted with the results.” – Meg Weber, Disability Advocate PDX

These websites were built with the new Google Sites. They illustrate many of the features of Google Sites.

Pat Davidson for STRS Ohio

Retired in Portland 

Portland Independent Movie Goers 

Cindy Murphy, Library Media 

STRS Ohio Watchdogs

These blogs were built with Google Blogger

Retired in Portland

Ed Tech Feeds

I'm a Google Certified Educator, not a web designer. 

I would rather teach you how to build your own website than do it for you. I will take you through the steps of building your new website with Google Sites.

Tell me about the website you would like to build. I'll tell you if Google Sites is the right platform for you.  

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